Nature's Birthday-June 16, 1945
Babyfirst time I saw a horsePhiladelphia before 2 years oldProbably 1948-1949 Living in Atlantic City

my girlfriendelaine and benelaine and ben 2at the table

Bar Mitzvah

Long Beach, California January 1966

Jumping off the balony Long Beach 1964

Temple University, Philadelphia-October 3, 1968 Quartier Latin, Paris-Summer 1969

Temple News Photoquartier latinosho

My Cessna 150-Blue Bell, Pennsylvania- 1973 to 1978
my airplane

1980's and 1990's
Susan Engler at Mardi Gras 1981

Mardi Gras 1980, Susan Englar and friends!978-1979 Woman friend Peggy NoonanBeard removal June 1972

Vietnam Photos 1966 to 1967
San Francisco approach to Vietnam August 1, 1966Boat 1st Air Cavalry took - in  Vietnam harborOn board the boat to Vietnam5 battalion 7 cavalry base camp homeOur medical team on the boat to vietnamA K airlift padAhn Khe gunship pad areaA K just beyond the perimeterAhn Khe 1st Air Cavalry swimming holeCentral Highlands enoculation of children 1Central Highlands enoculation of childrenMe giving medical care for Village Elder 2Prayer to Buddha along a road VietnamMarket A KStrength of the VietnameseMe at the Swimming Hole Ahn KheBurial Serimony for a ratBurial Serimony for a rat - Final PrayerFriendMountains edgeMy platoon on the perimeter 2

The last photo on the C-130 flying back to the USA - August 1967
last photo
Our house, Family & Duke (who protected me from attack everyday)
Thailand-2008 to 2010
nong bua lam phu015house3CIMG8487
CIMG8448CIMG8434nong bua lam phu023
nong bua lam phu002CIMG8497CIMG8484
dawn cow & PomCIMG8550CIMG8566
hal scruggsamone & oyeyao2
Oh birdcageswawang
Oh's parents
My Beloved in our house on Koh SamuiCIMG5383