This poetry and art is inspired by my Beloved's Osho and Ma Kaveesha who have dissolved into the Beyond. This work is an expression of the experiences of my life from their participation, guidance, compassion and Being...on my journey of self-discovery. Every so often someone has come to me and said thank you for sharing something of my experience that transformed their life. I was amazed at the impact on their life. So much amazed that I would have never known it without their saying so. I also have a few people who may not know their contribution, significance and transforming effect they had upon me…or the depth of my gratefulness. Their awareness, compassion, love, friendliness and contribution is of such value that I cannot imagine 'being here' without having been so blessed by...

Aunt Marsha
Everett Bridgeford
Bill Bridgeford
Mrs. Bridgeford
Bill Derringer
Ram Dass
Jackie Sicliano
Ann Needleman
Murray Needleman
Susan Engler
Stephen Pakys
Ma Rakasa
Sw Leo
Ma Arun
Ma Sarjano
Sw Coleman
Osho Academy, Sedona
Judith A. Hitchman
Cynthia S. Scotkin
“Oh” Scotkin
Ira Norman Segall


I sit upon this throne of treasures,
So overflowing, it is beyond any scientific measures.
Is there someone here, that can hear,
With the openness of your third ear,
The 'Transmission' of the ages and the sages,
Beyond…the magic of the words?
I have this destiny…a vision entered me,
To arouse your potential and your naturalness to Be…
And, is it also…a reminder for me?
I am deeply grateful for your humanity with me.

Now/here an invitation flows, to touch hearts of those,
Who secretly want to know life, to feel life,
To grow in life without pain.
The search for love, wisdom and grace,
Is a journey beyond thoughts of survival and personal taste.

My invitation flows to touch hearts with those,
Who care to share in harmony and grace.
To fulfill this vision, to be in love and wisdom,
You are welcomed in your naturalness to Be…
And, once more…
I will be deeply grateful for your humanity with me.

by David A. Scotkin
(CIRCA 1992)


The sun rises another day for me to see.
Never comfortable to hibernate like the bears and the bee.
Writing is an alternative to living with you,
left with the perception of life from an overhead view.

David A. Scotkin
November 14, 2012


When the old man paints,
he remembers the spiders web.
Complex in form...easily formed.
from endowment by nature.

The spider knows the web.
just after birth.
The old man knows the web,
just before death.

Guide gently, the children and all who will listen,
to build upon nature's gifts.
All else is bitter sweet folly,
leading to a trivial and senseless life.

David A. Scotkin
November 12, 2012

The Hollow Bamboo

Bamboo full with food.
Cultivate the emptiness,
and music ripens.

by David A. Scotkin
September 10, 2012


Heaven...a story, daydream and fool’s paradise for children.
Advocated by messengers, to console and divert,
the unconscious crowd, from feelings antagonistic to heaven.

The sage knowing that everything, everywhere, in all of time,
lives and dies, hears the song of the bluebird and waits.

by David A. Scotkin
From the Wisdom of Judith A. Hitchman & Cynthia S. Scotkin
November 6, 2012


The sun rises,
And circles,

By David A. Scotkin


Rainbow embraces
the dancers in the day’s light.
The old man is grateful
for long time and new pioneers,
harvesting life, freedom, love,
laughter, truth and joy.

David A. Scotkin
October 24, 2012


Being free is the consequence
of discovering the answer to:
Who Am I?

by David A. Scotkin


Bamboo…full...with food.
Cultivate the emptiness,
and music ripens.

by David A. Scotkin


The old man toils a lifetime with weeds.
In an instant they vanish.
Blossoms everywhere,
in winter, spring, summer and fall.

by David A. Scotkin


Life is nature's nature.
Evolution's gift of awareness…love…laughter.
Is your being the fragrance of the lotus…or
the misery of the mud?

by David A. Scotkin

Silent - quiet
What thoughts have to be said
in silence?

by David A. Scotkin
August 25, 2012

Therapy is needed?
Where's my drugs
to soften the day?

by David A. Scotkin
August 25, 2012

Bonding - compassion - romance
Three loves
in our

by David A. Scotkin
August 25, 2012

Television - dreams
So what!

by David A. Scotkin
August 25, 2012



I AM is a State of Being, not what I do, think or feel.
I Am is a State of Fulfillment, like a delicious meal.
Know this Treasure and what is knowable you can find,
Outside the limits of the thinking rational mind.

Going in is the fastest way to set you free,
The most fundamental, the Master Key.
Inside is the easiest place to explore,
It's safe to go in to your miracle and adore.

Watch the body, watch it move by,
Don't think about it or identify.
In that moment you know or sense
The body moves without you,
You are forever free of any body parts
That you believed were you.

Witness a feeling, watch it move by.
Don't think about it or identify.
In the moment you know or sense,
The feeling is a part in you,
You are forever free of any feelings
That you believed were you.

Recognize a thought and watch it move by.
Don't think about it or identify.
In that moment you know or sense,
The thought is only a part in you,
You are forever free of any thoughts
That you believed were you.

Discovering you are a State Of Being,
You discover you are in the Kingdom.
All knowledge is wisdom and you are freedom.
All of the past is past, all of the future is past,
You are the Creator and the last.

by David A. Scotkin
February 1996

One Meditator’s Experience

Watching inside, waiting…resting.
So simple…so natural.

Watching feelings…appearing from nowhere,
Out of the source and back into the source.

Watching, waiting…resting.

Watching thoughts…appearing from nowhere,
Out of the source and back into the source.

Watching, waiting…resting.

Watching openness appearing from NowHere.
Out of Time, Out of no/thing/ness.

Watching, waiting…resting.
So simple, so blissful.

Coming Home

Practically all my adult life,
I've searched the earth,
To find peace…to find what's real,
Beyond culture, work, leisure and time.

From a childhood of fear, guilt and shame,
A four year old, for your anger you blame?
My parents were insane.

The schools controlling, teens so cruel,
Egos, violence, fear, anger and hate,
All I wanted to do was escape.

I lived so unhappy, and then, barely twenty,
Off to war for resources and money.
I'm in the collective mud of tradition,
I've learned to kill without inhibition.

I'm confused. None of this has ever felt right.
I've met one human of deeper insight.
For many years, I have read, questioned and traveled,
So well I have been cultured from the natural.

I find a Master and meditate for years,
Around other beloveds with our laughter and tears.
Love is the way and awareness the flowering.
The traveler is journeying home.

Osho, your Mystery School is healing,
Your vision at least here fulfilling.
Freedom is known from the cultured mind,
Personality, control, pressure and crowd.

I celebrate my beauty and love.
In this silence and grace.
All that is knowable can be known, The Master within…is living at home.


All of my psychology is open to explore,
Witnessing all possible, when my subconscious is on tour.
The voyage beyond the mind has been frightful and light,
Facing all reflections and projections for genuine insight.

The reproductive instinct drives me to mate,
and pleasures are endless during the erotic state.
I dare to frolic in bliss, passionate and wild,
remembering how easy it is to be natural and mild.

Co-dependency and loneliness, the anguish and pain,
dwelling in the mind and strategies...a clue, when I'm insane.
Now in life self-fulfilling and free,
overflowing in loving grace and dig-ni-ty.

Power trips and control, the effort to feel secure,
foolish and pointless..not even close to the cure.
Empowerment emerges, when free from my needs,
and the willing heart, in this dance has me free.

This love from awareness, as the rays from the sun,
fills full my Being, and showers everyone.
This seed has been watered from Osho's waterfall of light,
"I Leave You My Dream", of genuine insight.

Silence in the mystery, unknowable and the known,
beyond beliefs, logic, and deductions, I have flown.
Osho, Red Road, Quaballah, Christ, Krishna or Zen,
every masters message, "Relax, and Go in".

The Tree

The tree endures
Howling winds,
Driving rains,
Cocoons of ice,
Baking sun,
Arid thirsty earth.
Confident from eons, that all rigors of life
Enhance its strength to survive and grow.

What Me Worry?

Decimating the ozone her shield for life.
Nuclear and toxic venom poisoning outright.
5 billion humans with 20 billion soon,
Humankind is living in a Disney Cartoon.

Innocent species helplessly extinct.
Ocean life on the brink.
Forests burning, oxygen in decline,
Mother Earth aging, eons, before her time.

I've been to one of humankind's wars.
Blind instinct for territory, greed and more.
What is there now for me to dread?
What me worry? I'll soon be dead.


I listen to you my brothers...and feel,
you want more than fun, fucking and meals.
Needing to feel free, her loyalty, cared for and loved.
Not the toy, little boy or private stud.

I listen to you my sisters and hear,
you want more than fun, fucking and beer.
Yearning to feel safe, his loyalty, protected and loved.
Not the servant, little girl or private whore.

Listen my brothers, here is what your women are saying:

You're controlling, forceful, intimidating, pushy and proud.
You're demanding, needy, aggressive, disrespectful and loud.
You don't listen to their hearts, you're judgmental and cruel,
You're self-centered, childish and act like a fool.

Listen my sisters, here is what your men are saying:

You're manipulative bitches, controlling, pushy and proud.
You're demanding, needy, aggressive, disrespectful and loud.
You don't listen to their hearts, you're vindictive and cruel.
You're self-centered, dependent and act like a fool.

Inherited genes and what is learned,
the instinct to reproduce and survive,
fear of death and loneliness,
the primal source of your distress.

Our lives can be so natural and blessed,
with the Beloved of our choice,
when we have the courage to BE LOVE,
and follow our inner voice.

The feeling that we call love…
is this timeless sense of Being.
More than a chemistry,
it's closer to flowering generosity.

The answer to all these patterns are found only inside.
You don't need years of counseling, traveling far and wide.
Find the State of Being, call it, "The Watcher", "Higher Self", "Goddess", or anything,
Then watch yourself as often as possible doing your everyday thing.

One day you will see…

To feel free, safe, secure and loved,
it must first be in your open hand.
It has never existed outside yourself,
In your woman or your man.


Friendliness, I know.
In all my life,
I had never known
Until Judy
Showered me with her
Unconditional affection,
Wholehearted kindness,
Loving support,
Generosity, honesty and trust.

Perhaps before I die, I can be Friendship, once.

( A poem to Judith A. Hitchman, Iowa)


Sounds of musical notes,
Out of nowhere,
Thru me
Back to nowhere.
Sound waves are light waves.
Light waves are sound waves.
My body is waves of sound and light.
I AM music.


Volcanic child of earth,
Glistening light of the stars inside.
S t a r l i g h t???
I n s i d e???

The Way

Sitting in front of a blank page,
Witnessing the anxious desiring
Affect the poet and his creative dream.
The dreamer dreams of insight.

Boundless sky,
Calm currents eagles fly.
Lake ripples merge to calm
And the Guest always arrives.

Excitement, pleasure - joy while the Guest blesses.
Dreamer and dream - day and night wait their time.
One thought and the ripples return - to torment.
The Guest’s departure is certain.

The dreamer’s dream of catching the wind
Comes and goes - as the Guest.
No Desiring - no needing.
Stillness, letting go, waiting.....

Blue Jay Projections

Sun up to sun down,
Blue Jays sing:

Here, let's find food.
I found food.

Build it here. Here is a safe place.
The chirpers are hungry. Feed the chirpers.

Here! Here! Danger!!!

Here, I want to M a t e.
Here, I am alone. Notice me. Come here!
I want ...I need...Let's go to.…

Get out of my territory, I'll kill you!!!

Here, let's play.
Beloved...I love you.
Here, let's be watchful…in our bird Beings.


Many lives many Gods?
One life one God?
No Life no God?



On a crowded Atlantic City beach,
At three years old,
Blanket to blanket,
Exploring the rest of the Tribe.
Delighted, by the welcoming
Voices, Faces and gestures.
Joyful, with the love and friendliness.
I feel the same now.


All life is light.

All life eats life.

Plants eat sunlight and molecules. microorganisms,





mammals are eaten.
All are waves of light eating waves of light.

Back from India
Sarjano's and Coleman's Driveway

Timeless darkness and the night sky,
Sitting here alone in your driveway.
Sunrise, and India is far away, again.
The tree leaves bringing sound to the wind,
That chills my toes.

A motorhome, temporary home to my homelessness.
I feel this ancient soul inside,
Visiting this planet and born again.

One wish upon a star arises.
Bring the delicious,
Juicy landscape of the woman,
To taste and embrace,
Her tender fragrance of love,
And merge into the exotic
Harmony with the feminine.

The Ocean

The Ocean is there, so open, fresh and soft,
To bathe me in her Silky Wave.
I smell her fragrance as we cradle,
And savor the taste of her salty flavor.

I float and relax into her welcoming caress,
Arising with her touch…and then…
Enveloped by the wetness,
Of her swelling Silky Wave.

We drift and soar without a place,
Deeper and deeper into inner and outer space.
The hours pass, our bodies are no more,
Until the surge of our orgasms once more.

Reappearing…emerging…in oneness from the source.
Bountiful love, affection and grace.
Nourished in our loving embrace.

The Walk

I watch the way you walk,
The lightness and the sway.
I listen for a sound,
And…unless I look verrry carefully,
You're not touching the ground.

I sense the soft and delicate,
The aura, AND, the flower…
Within your sensual universe,
Delicious is your shower.

I love to taste your fragrance,
To feel the form that you sway.
I love…to be inside you…
No less…can satisfy…in this way.

When you release your woman inside me,
And there together we lay, and stay…
Timeless waves and waves of bliss emerge…
Until, once again I embrace,
The Mystery of all Oneness,
The Treasure of our Being,
And the Beauty…of Loving you.

Nonfiction Book: "Wisdom Isn't For Everyone" Copyrights©
Poetry self Published by David A. Scotkin
Gulfport, Florida 2002 Copyrights© 1995